Month: September 2018

Are enough 30 days to repay the mini credits instantly?

Are enough 30 days to repay the mini credits instantly?

One of the current products to get more demanded financing are the mini credits instantly . The most recognizable advantages of these products are the speed at which we can have the money, the simplicity when carrying out the hiring process and the flexibility that lenders offer us in terms of the requirements that we must meet. However, most mini-loans have a 30-day return period from the time they are granted and depending on the situation we are in, this can be too short a time margin .

Why are the mini credits instantly returned after one month?

Why are the mini credits instantly returned after one month?


The purpose for which these products were created is to obtain liquidity at specific moments to face unforeseen events or emergency situations . That is, it is a quick solution to an economic problem that we do not want to postpone. In no case is it advisable to request mini-credits instantly to deal with large-scale projects or acquire goods that are not really necessary.

There lies the reason why they have a repayment period of 30 days, since they allow us to get amounts below € 1,000 with average interest around 1.1% daily . Next, we show 5 minicréditos with different advantages that may be more convenient for us, depending on the profile we have:

Lender Max. Cost of € 100 to 30 days Advantage I’m interested
Kredito24 € 750 € 35
  • Accepts clients in ASNEF
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Vivus € 1,000 € 28
  • Up to € 300 free for new customers
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Cashper € 500 € 38
  • Accepts clients with ASNEF
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Netcredit € 600 € 30
  • First mini – credit of up to € 300 free
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Set up € 400 € 35
  • First free mini-credit if we cancel it in the first 10 days and if we are new customers
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However, if what we need is to return the money in longer terms , we can resort to quick credits . These products allow us to access amounts of money over € 1,000 and with repayment terms that can be up to 2 years.

Is it better to return the mini fast loans before, the established day or later?

Most lenders that offer mini credits instantly give us the option to request an extension in case we can not repay the capital on the established date . If we decide to resort to this service, it will be necessary that we pay certain interests that will vary depending on the company.

On the other hand, if we have the money in advance of the return date , some companies will allow us to return it in advance . In this case, generally, we will not pay interest for it, although it will depend on the policy and the conditions established by the lender.

Finally, if we return the urgent mini-loan on the established date, we will pay the agreed fees at the time of contracting the product, which are generally around € 33 for every € 100 requested .

At this point, it is important that we know that the sooner we return the money, the less interest will be generated on the instant credit. Therefore, if the lender allows us to return it early without any additional cost, we will end up saving capital .