Month: December 2018

Debt counseling in Herne

Herne is located in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia . After Munich and Berlin , the population density of the city is the largest in Germany. Herne was once economically well placed by the mining industry, this is no longer the case today. According to data collected by the credit bureau Creditreform, about 17.85 percent of the adult population was affected by over-indebtedness in 2017 . Against this background, it is self-explanatory that debt counseling in Herne is in demand.

Debt counseling centers in Herne

Debt counseling Herne eV
(Debtor and insolvency advice)
Debt counseling Herne eV
Overwegstr. 31
44625 Herne

Telephone: 02323 9949860


Caritas Association Herne e. V.
Caritas Association Herne e. V.
Hospital street 12
44649 Herne

Telephone: +49 2325 9280-80
Fax: +49 2325 9280-11


Lawyer Tim Rausse
(Debt collection & recovery)
Lawyer Tim Rausse
Schaeferstr. 12
44623 Herne

Telephone: 02323 14920


Where are over-indebted citizens in Herne advised?

You have lost your job unexpectedly or are struggling with a serious illness ? Over-indebtedness can have many causes, but you do not have to deal with your financial worries alone . Dare to take the first step in the right direction and claim a debt advice center in Herne.

If you are looking for a debt counseling service in Herne that offers free counseling sessions , you will find it for example at Caritasverband eV . In Herne, however, Caritas only offers advice on lesser amounts of debt , such as rent or electricity debts .

The non-profit organization Schuldnerberatung Herne eV offers comprehensive advice. Trained employees also help free of charge in the development of solutions that lead from debt to a debt-free future .

However, the waiting times for the contact persons described above can sometimes be long because of the great demand . Those who need quick help should consider a lawyer for debt . This can be paid for its services , but appointments get debtors here usually in a timely manner.

Counseling center in Herne: What documents do debtors have to bring?

As far as the range of services is concerned, debt counselors of non-profit associations or associations generally do not differ from the counseling content of legal assistance. Both assist with analysis , negotiations with creditors or supervising insolvency proceedings . The following documents are to be brought by affected debtors for initial consultation:

  • Overview of all receipts and expenses
  • proof of income
  • Proof of open payment claims

If you actively participate in the consultation process , your personal, social and economic situation can be analyzed in detail and concrete solutions can be developed . Trust is the most important precondition why all numbers should come to the table . Stick to the guidelines, avoid further debt , and open the way to a debt-free future.