The New Home Savings Checkout

Maybe there is no one who has not heard what happened to the apartment savings. It is a fact and it is true that the government has withdrawn the 30% state subsidy for savings homes. But what does this mean for us? Do we have other options, do home savings come up with something new? Yes….


The first swallow

home savings

As expected, the first to respond to the new situation was none other than Fundamenta. Shortly after the big announcement, they were ready with the new contract, which we will be introducing shortly. What others are reacting to is not yet known, but we do not believe that Fundamenta will remain in a monopoly position in this segment in the long term.


Why expect others?

Why expect others?

It is inconceivable that home savings were one of the most popular savings . Wouldn’t have liked the state to give you + 30% on your payments, and you know for sure 4-5-6-8 or even 10 years’ worth of money to spend on housing.

It may also be a good solution to raise money for a home account on a security account , but for the time being, fewer people are using it, even though they can take advantage of their tax benefits. There’s even NOK , but people are still quite distrustful of this apartment savings.

Therefore, we see that, if Fundamenta sees the potential to prevail in this modified market, so will others, with whom we can only win by developing a competitive market, which is what we mean by competition.


The new contract

The new contract

The first of the significant changes is maturity. Unlike earlier, we now have 2 to choose from, 5 years 11 months and 9 years 4 months.

Instead, you can get a bonus instead of the state subsidy . This amount is 5% of the deposit each year.

It is not worth saving more than 20 thousand forints, but even 40 thousand forints.

For almost 6 years, we are raising about 3 million forints, and together with the borrowed money, we can spend 7 million forints on real estate.

Well this is the starting point, we are looking forward to the developments. If you are dealing with apartment savings or loans, contact us! We help where we can.